Our Ocean Elite – The Maj Oceanic Team

View from Above of The Maj Oceanic

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

Our greatest asset is our people, from our customer service team to our on-board crew. Satisfying our guests depends on the efforts of many and we are most effective when working together and respecting each other’s contribution and importance. 

A phinisi yacht, sailing in the ocean
The Maj Oceanic luxury phinisi yacht

So, with no further ado, allow us to introduce the best in the business, our ocean elite, the crew of The Maj Oceanic… 

Captain Ryan aka the Boss:

With the ocean running through his veins, Flores native Captain Ryan began his career at a young age. After attending maritime school, he began working at sea at 19, and by 25 had impressively earned the title of Deck Officer Class III. 

Ryan lives for discovery and while he feels fortunate to enjoy a position that feeds his exploratory nature, he takes even greater pleasure in sharing these experiences with his on-board guests.

Charm personified, it is his ability to be composed, adaptable, responsible, detail-oriented, and hardworking that make him truly special. Ryan brings a passion for his profession and a deep knowledge and understanding of the waters he calls the office, that permeates not just through his crew / family, but any guest that steps foot aboard and become immersed in the Maj experience.

Cruise Director Herry aka The Dream Weaver:

Born and raised on Labuan Bajo, Cruise Director Herry came from humble beginnings, filling tanks for dive shops and boat drivers before setting off on an exploratory voyage through the islands, from which he never looked back. His passion cemented, Herry has since lived a lifetime on the ocean, travelling the length and breadth of the archipelago, becoming a fountain of knowledge on the diverse and wonderful Indonesian culture. 

Along the way, Herri found the time to become a PADI Open Water Dive Instructor, no mean feat, and is considered one of the best in the region. As Cruise Director, Herry’s commitment to service and experience is unparalled, so consider yourself in the safest of hands above water and certainly below.

Chief Engineer Irwan aka Mr Reliable:

With a cool head from 10 years at sea, Chief Engineer Irwan ensures smooth operations, leading to his apt nickname, Mr Reliable. Passion runs deep with Irwan, who from a young age was playing with engines with his father which naturally led to great things, not least a career aboard one of the jewels of the archipelago, the Maj Oceanic. 

Despite his technical and mechanical genius, the humble and constantly smiling Irwan can always be found pitching in on deck to ensure guest satisfaction, assisting with water sports particularly below water where he is a qualified Rescue Diver.

Chief Officer Syam aka The Natural:

Introducing Chief Officer and master tradesman, Syamsuddin or Syam for short. Syam hails from Tanah Beruh, home of the legendary Phinisi shipbuilding industry, so naturally prior to joining the crew, Syam worked as a carpenter, building and maintaining the magnificent Phinisi’s. This of course led to a life on the sea and as one of the first crew members, the Maj has become his dream home away from home. 

Syam is a driven officer, with unbridled enthusiasm and after 15 years grinning at the bridge, Syam is one of the most respected Chief Officers in Indonesia. An avid astrologist, with a wicked sense of humour he is one of the most popular members of the crew.

Second Officer Esar aka Mr Bollywood:

From a young age, Esar, as he is known by his friends, dreamed of a life on the ocean and after a classic training, graduating with honours, at the Makassar Veteran Maritime Academy, he began his profession life back in 2010.

With the impressive credentials above comes a tremendously high sense of responsibility and awareness in all things nautical and safety, allowing guests and crew to relax in the knowledge that everything is checked and double checked for smooth sailing. 

In his spare time Esar enjoys salsa dancing and Bollywood. His goal is to own his own yacht and sail his family around the world.

Second Engineer Anto aka MVP Anto:

Achmad, or Anto, was born and raised in Jakarta, but if you ask him, he will tell you that he is from the ocean and that “home is where the anchor drops.” Unlike the majority of young Indonesian males, Anto was mostly raised by his seafaring stepdad, which led him to work across a variety of seagoing vessels over the past 24 years. From dive to cargo to commercial ships, he’s done it all, but it is on yachts where we believe he has truly found his calling, becoming a valuable and trusted member of the Maj crew. 

Third Engineer Eko aka Mr Nice:

Born in an agricultural town in Magetan, East Java, Eko has over 12 years of boat experience.  Despite the obvious difficulties of growing up in a landlocked environment, he has worked on the sea since he was 19 and has always felt at home on the water.

He started working at sea in 2010 and has since diligently worked on a number of boats but it is his kind and friendly nature that led to the Maj becoming his home.

Tender Driver Uming aka Mr Motivator:

Raised in South Sulawesi, home of the Phinisi, Uming has a strong connection to the sea, so it was only natural that he followed a path to the ocean. Early jobs saw him aboard cargo ships and tugboats and that experience instilled a can-do attitude and willingness to be a team player and get stuck into any task on board. Highly motivated, with an eye for quality and safety, Uming always has a smile on his face and a lust for life most visible when transporting guests on his beloved tender. Always on, Uming goes the extra mile and is often responsible for the freshest catch of the day!

(what is his official job now) Tino aka The Graduate! 

Kadek Rama Valentino or “Tino,” is a graduate of the Stella’s Child program and after being awarded a three-month internship, was offered a full-time position on the Maj. 

In his short time aboard Tino has received priceless instruction and qualification including his Basic Safety Training (BST) and seaman’s book. He is a fast learner, and his future looks very bright.

Head Chef Desak aka Wonder Woman:

As a Bali native, Desak is a chef at heart with 20 years of experience, including 13 years at the renowned Aman Group. Her dream was to travel and explore the culinary wonders of the world and having done that Desak can now accommodate to any taste. Specialising in introducing Asian cuisine to a multinational clientele, Desak will dazzle your taste buds and elevate your onboard dining experience to a new level by pairing local flavours with family secrets to deliver perfection. 

Assistant Chef Komang aka Magic Hands:

While absorbing Chef Desak’s abundance of knowledge, assistant chef Komang Suwandana exhibits the same degree of passion. That’s not to imply Komang Suwandana isn’t a capable cook in his own right, far from it!

inspired as a teenager, Komang enrolled in cooking school and quickly found himself an onboard experience and hasn’t looked back. Now, with a strong foundation in fine dining and working under the supervision of Head Chef Desak, he is really coming into his own.

Chief Stewart Komang aka Mr Organised:

Komang has seven years of yachting experience following a wealth of expertise in the hotel industry, meaning he is blessed with a kind and professional manner vital to being a committed and effective Chief Stew. Komang is a dedicated organizer who appreciates a challenge and takes great delight in giving everyone on board outstanding service. 

Stewart Fajar aka Fun Time Fajar

Like all good bartenders Fajar is committed to spreading happiness, not only with his excellent bar and barista talents, but also with an unstoppable passion of life. Fajar was originally drawn to the vibrant nightlife of opulent hotels which cultivated his natural creative flair and his dedication to his trade is matched only by his quest for knowledge. His devotion to his family and friends—one of whom you will soon become—is only surpassed by his contagious love for his trade and his guests. Prepare yourself for a fun time at the bar.

Stewart / House Keeping David aka Drumming Dave:

David, our housekeeping hero, has provided service with a smile ever since he joined the Maj Oceanic, having gained proficiency aboard opulent yachts around the archipelago.

An exceptional work ethic means first-rate service and in addition to being a superb housekeeper, one can’t help but move to the beat when he brings the Beach BBQs to life on his Cajon drum.

Therapist Lia aka Healing Hands:

Warm and outgoing with a youthful soul, Lia has mastered the craft of massage therapy for the past 14 years. Competent and professional, Lia is perceptive and attentive to guests’ requirements, promoting relaxation and general wellness for a peaceful and delightful experience aboard The Maj Oceanic.

Remember, the strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team. We can’t wait for you to meet our superstars. 

For more on the Maj Oceanic and AGY, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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