Komodo National Park

Manta rays, sea turtles and bottle nose dolphins are just three of more than 1000 species of marine animals that call Komodo National Park home as well as the legendary Komodo Dragons of course, if you venture inland. Meeting the largest lizards in the world, amongst the incredible landscape will give you a very ‘Jurassic’ experience.

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Komodo is the common term used for a primarily volcanic chain of islands in the south east of Indonesia. In fact, this is more accurately made up of three main islands: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island that together with a few other islets form over 2,000 square kilometers of protected national parkland. Dragons and diving are the two main reasons people decide to charter a liveaboard in Komodo. The infamous Komodo dragon, the biggest reptile on earth which can reach weights of up to 70 kilograms and grow up to 3 meters in length roams freely across the region.

Whether you enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling, exploring the nautical delights of the region is a must. Plankton rich waters and rushing currents attract giant pelagics, sharks, turtles, and manta rays while hundreds of varieties of coral thrive providing homes for an impressive array of macro life. The best time to cruise Komodo is between May and October.

The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of 3 larger islands (Komodo, Padar and Rinca) and 26 smaller ones, many of which are uninhabited. Komodo and Rinca are home to the native Komodo dragons, respected by locals who believe they descend from one born to a dragon princess centuries ago. The islands turn from lush green to arid throughout summer, contrasting against the vivid blue of the sea. At first sight the mysterious islands of the Komodo archipelago might remind you of Jurassic Park, rising out of the Indonesian sea in great humpbacked ridges covered with windblown savannah grasses and the tousled heads of lontar palms. This is the land of dragons, where you can walk among the giant reptiles of Rinca Island (more spectacularly aggressive than those of Komodo itself), cruise through the mangroves and trek to grassy summits. The tropical waters of Komodo National Park has long been famous as one of the most species-rich tropical underwater environments on earth, with an official count of more than 1,000 types of fish and 260 corals.

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