$5,500 / DAY
22.55 M
6.10 M
15 Knot
20 Knot

The Chowa 74 super yacht stands as a true paragon of opulence, measuring an impressive seventy-four feet in length. This vessel epitomizes the zenith of luxury, akin to a lavish first-class hotel adrift upon the azure expanse.

Within the hallowed halls of this nautical masterpiece, an unparalleled level of artisanship is woven into every fiber of its construction. Noteworthy is the meticulous forethought evident in accommodating the needs of families – a realm where the deckway’s removal finds purpose, replaced by a gracefully designed bulwark. This maritime innovation facilitates unhindered passage, granting the young and the elderly safe traverse to the foredeck’s sunlit sanctuary, replete with its deck solarium and sunbathing bed.

The sanctum of repose, the king-sized cabin room, is a bastion of exclusivity, assuring the utmost privacy from both the attending crew and fellow passengers. It is strategically ensconced upon the main deck, thoughtfully distanced from the common areas of the saloon and dining precincts.

Moreover, gracing the vessel’s expanse is the VIP meeting room – an enclave of refined distinction, apt for clandestine soirées, pivotal conclaves, didactic symposiums, or resplendent repasts. A splendid flourish is the optional inclusion of a karaoke sound system, suffusing the atmosphere with harmonious revelry.

Throughout the yacht’s construction, a symphony of interior finery resonates. The ambiance harkens to the grandeur of a stately manor or the refined tapestry of an upscale apartment, engendering an atmosphere unmatched and unequivocally bespoke.

The Chowa 74 stands unwavering as a beacon of luxury, epitomizing the intersection of opulence and elegance. A veritable jubilation awaits those fortunate enough to traverse its decks and partake in its sumptuous embrace.


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