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Introducing the world’s first yacht exchange platform designed to transform boat owners cruising & sailing experiences.

There was a time when yacht owners would ship t heir boat from t he point of manufacture to the region where they planned to use it at large expenses only to settle for limit ed and occasional regional enjoyment.

Thousands of unchartered boats remained in moorings raising the risk of mechanical problems and depreciating in value. The yacht owners who wished to enjoy their passion abroad had to charter a boat. No one stopped to ask if there was a better way.

Well, we did.

Through our innovative exchange yacht services, proprietary algorithms and advanced mobile technology, yacht owners can navigate more, experience different boats everywhere t hey wish as well as increase usage and return on their boat at a ridiculously low price

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How does yacht exchange work?

Boat Owners list their boats for free on the Yacht Exchange Website or on the iPhone/Android Application and when suitable swap their boat with another boat of their choice for an agreed date and period of time. For a % fee based on typical chartering costs for the yachts involved in the transaction, boat owners can swap their boats for a similar or different category of boat reciprocally or non reciprocally at agreed dates.


Type of exchanges.

Yacht owners exchange boats when they desire to, for boats of their choice around the globe and for an agreed period of time. Owners can exchange boats simultaneously at identical dates or non-simultaneously i.e. at different dates within a 6 to 12 month period.

In addition owners can decide to accept all types o f transactions or same category transact ions only. For those hosts who accept a non reciprocal transaction involving two different categories of boats, the owners of the lower category o f boats pay additional fees for t he upgrade. Alternatively, owners of a larger boat may request or agree to exchange one or several days on t heir boats for a week or more on the boats of a lower category.


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