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Pinisi history

Pinisi/Phinisi have existed in the world and sailing history prior to 15th century that was brought by the Dutch in colonialism period back in 11th century supporting the transport of spices from India and textiles through the ancient spice trading route. The term Pinisi are variously spelled as Phinisi, Phinis, Pinis and Penisch. The word itself was possibly taken from the European word ‘pinnace’, a small sailing craft. The Pinisi’s masts and sails are a design adapted by its builders from colonial-era Dutch or other Western vessels observed in these waters.

In Indonesia, Pinisi have been used as transport, fishing and cargo made from teak and iron wood or locally known as Kayu Ulin. Pinisi was first made by Konjo boat builders in Bulukumba, Southern Sulawesi, with two masts and seven up to eight sails. Pinisi is traditionally being built on the beach as community unity. Unlike the modern boatbuilding, in Indonesia Pinisi is made by “following the wood”. There is no such a thing as boat blueprint where planking is being done first prior to framing using pasak (wooden bold) for fastening the plank.

Pinisi have been evolved with motors drastically since 1970 and has changed the appearance of the ships, the masts have been shortened, or removed completely, while the deck structure is enlarged for crew and passengers. In December 2017 UNESCO formally recognized the cultural significance of the boat-building that had enabled such long-distance voyaging. Nowadays, Pinisi is modified into yacht charter boats for tourism and recreation purposes.

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